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Kawaii Gaihan!

Welcoming all things cute and colourful!

Kawaiigaihan direct sales
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Welcome to kawaii gaihan.

You can post anything here that can be classified as 'cute' however the community generally focuses on Eastern fashions [Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian etc. 'youth culture'].

Some of the things you may find here include:

Clothing and accessories
Books and magazines
Stationary and stickers


IMPORTANT!: Please do not post items that are "sexy", this community is for innocently cute things and not the place to advertise sexiness ^^;. If I see anything that I deem as 'sexy' then I will delete it probably without much prior notice. Please be careful.

A few rules:

1) You can post ebay sales if you really need to but this community is primarily for direct sales, not using websites.
2) Please do not keep posting the same things over and over again, you may post the same item every 2 weeks and no more. If I see items posted more than this I will delete it without warning.
3) Keep the posts to cute things. Obviously we all have ideas of what is cute and this community does well for staying on topic but please make sure you are posting the right things. If I see posts that I think have nothing 'cute' for sale I will delete without warning.

your moderator is genkimania, if you have any questions or suggestions for this community please feel free to get in touch with me here! Any reports on frauds should also be posted here, all comments are screened for privacy.